This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 21 May 2021

By: Taro Chellaram /Wells Fargo Economics & Financial Report/May 25, 2021

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 21 May 2021

U.S. Review Housing Begins to Bump Up Against Supply Constraints

Over the past year, the housing market has become white-hot. Low mortgage rates and increased household space needs have propelled home sales, builder confidence and residential construction to highs not seen since the housing boom in the early 2000s. Like many other parts of the economy, however, robust housing market activity appears to be bumping up against some supply constraints.

Housing starts fell 9.5% to a still-strong 1.57-million unit pace in April. Unusually wet weather in the South and Midwest may have contributed to the decline, but the larger-than-expected drop looks to be primarily owed to shortages of building materials and qualified labor. Shortages of lumber, copper and appliances have caused the prices of those building materials to skyrocket, and builders appear to be delaying project starts as a result. Single-family starts fell 13.4% during the month, while multifamily starts edged up 0.8%. Apartment projects appear to be moving forward again alongside rebounding leasing activity, both in the suburbs and hard-hit urban markets.

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 02 June 2023

This week, Congress and the president prevented what would have been the first default in U.S. history by agreeing to suspend the debt ceiling through the end of 2024.

July 2020 Economy At A Glance

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases indicates that elected officials re-opened the economy too soon, that too many Americans are flaunting social distancing guidelines, and that the virus is likely to be around longer than we’d hoped.

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 21 February 2020

Minutes from the January 28-29 FOMC meeting indicate the coronavirus will not push the Fed to cut interest rates, and for the most part housing and manufacturing survey data this week supported that view.

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 06 November 2020

As of this writing, the outcome of the U.S. presidential election is undecided. Joe Biden, however, appears likely to become president based off of his growing lead in several key states.

June 2020 Economy At A Glance

The Fed expects to hold interest rates near zero through the end of this year, perhaps well into next year, and maybe even into ’22.

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 10 September 2020

Although the recovery from the COVID recession is still far from over, the U.S. economy is bouncing back faster than many expected.

13 January 2021 Monthly Outlook Report

The U.S. economy appears to be losing some momentum as the calendar turns to 2021 and the public health situation continues to deteriorate.

28 January 2021 Economic Outlook Report

In our recently released second report in this series of economic risks, we focused on the potential of demand-side factors to lead to significantly higher U.S. inflation in the next few years.

How Long Can US Businesses Remain Shut Down?

The sudden stop in economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means that many businesses will need to rely on their cash reserves to survive the next few months.

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 13 March 2020

Financial conditions tightened sharply this week as concerns over the coronavirus and the economic fallout of containment efforts mounted.


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