How you can profit from investing in Texas wetlands

By: Taro Chellaram /Real Estate Articles/Dec 21, 2022

How you can profit from investing in Texas wetlands

Wetlands in Texas & How You Can Stand To Gain From Them!

When in the business of real estate, many a time, you may stumble upon the perfect tract of land, but with a singular flaw. Most people back away from the deal when this flaw is the property being part of wetlands. What if we tell you that this may not always be wise and that wetlands can be profitable investments when used correctly?

Texas coastal region is primarily a flat landscape, with many dips in the land left behind by regular erosions of stormwater drainage. This is thanks to the recurring flooding the region is prone to. These water bodies are not deep enough to be called a lake, nor can they be considered a wetland. According to CWA (Clean Water Act), a wetland can consist of a body of water, which include marshes, swamps, and bogs. It is defined as areas inundated or saturated by surface or groundwater at a frequency and duration sufficient to support and that, under normal circumstances, support a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions. In Texas, a stormwater management code for development requires the creation of detention ponds on or off the development site when you plan to convert raw land into an impervious (development) surface that does not allow water to be absorbed into the ground. Detention and retention facilitate reduction in peak stormwater flows, a slower rate of release into county or city drainage systems and provide ample time for particulate and pollutants to settle out of the stormwater. Why is this information critical? Well, when a wetland is shallow enough, it can create an Extended Detention Pond.

A formula determines how many acre-feet will be required to contain the land's impervious (developed) part. This article by a publication from the Historic City of Franklin explains this in detail. Despite being 1/3 the size of the land, the dip needs to be extended from other parts of the land to create an ideal detention pond. Maintenance can be taken care of by the owner or, in most cases, the community with help from the city offices in providing a stock of marine products like fish, etc. When such a pond is created in a community, it is designed to retain water after each rainfall stormwater runoff, which becomes a "retention" pond. This is an added amenity in residential and commercial developments, as residents may use it for recreation via walking trails or fountains.

Technically speaking, wetlands hold value as profitable real estate investment goes. Building on such an area varies from individual tract to tract and the nature of the improvements or development. Getting in touch with a real estate expert who can advise and guide you during your investment journey is the best way forward. TC Global Commercial can help you with this and much more, so contact our team of experts for a session on profitable investment options best suited for your profile.


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