Extending a Warm Welcome to Savings for All Property OWNER

By: Taro Chellaram /Real Estate Articles/Oct 27, 2023

Extending a Warm Welcome to Savings for All Property OWNER

Texas' Landmark Property Tax Reform: Securing Affordable and Sustainable Homeownership for Texans, Envisioning Average Yearly Savings of $1,300.

The Texas legislature is embarking on its largest-ever property tax control effort, allocating over $18 billion for reform. Homeowners can anticipate annual savings of $1,300 (under 65) and $1,450 (65+). Key components include increasing homestead exemptions to $100,000, addressing high property taxes to make homeownership more achievable, and raising the minimum threshold for franchise tax filers, benefiting approximately 67,000 small businesses. These reforms reflect the legislature's dedication to easing the property tax burden and supporting small businesses. These efforts respond to promises made by state lawmakers during the 2022 elections, showing a timely commitment to alleviating property tax issues and promoting economic well-being in Texas.

The Texas legislature has taken significant measures to address property taxes within the state, earmarking a substantial budget of over $18 billion for this endeavor. These reform initiatives are poised to have a wide-reaching impact and offer substantial cost savings to a diverse range of homeowner demographics. Notably. Homeowners in Texas who are under the age of 65 can look forward to notable annual savings, with an estimated reduction of approximately $1,300 on their property tax bills. The benefits of these reforms are even more pronounced for individuals aged 65 and above, with an average expected savings of around $1,450 annually. This commitment to property tax relief reflects the Texas legislature's dedication to providing financial respite to homeowners across various age groups, aiming to make the property tax burden more manageable and equitable.

This property tax reform entails several critical components:

  • Increased Residence Homestead Exemptions: A significant aspect of the reform is the elevation of residence homestead exemptions to $100,000. This change aligns with the priorities set by the lieutenant governor and the senate during the 88th regular session, and it's designed to alleviate the property tax burden for homeowners.
  • Addressing High Property Taxes: Texas grapples with some of the highest property taxes in the United States. This reform acknowledges the gravity of the issue and underscores its importance in preserving the dream of homeownership
    for numerous individuals and families. By reducing the tax burden, it aims to make owning a home more achievable and sustainable.
  • Raising the Minimum Threshold for Franchise Tax Filers: Another essential element of the reform involves raising the minimum threshold for franchise tax filers from $1.25 million to $2.5 million. This modification is expected to have a positive impact on approximately 67,000 small businesses across the state, providing them with much-needed financial relief and fostering economic growth.
  • These comprehensive reforms signify a concerted effort by the Texas legislature to tackle the challenges posed by high property taxes, making homeownership more attainable and supporting the vitality of small businesses across the state.

These significant measures have been implemented in response to the promises made by numerous state lawmakers during the 2022 elections to provide much-needed property tax relief. The proactive work of implementing these reforms has already begun during the regular sessions of the legislature in 2023. In essence, this property tax reform initiative stands as a substantial and timely endeavor to tackle the pressing issue of property taxes in Texas. It aims to offer essential financial relief to homeowners and small businesses, aligning with the commitment to ease the tax burden and promote economic well-being in the state.

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