Core Covenants

TC Global Commercial Real Estate

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Acquisition and Disposition

TC Global Commercial core covenants - emphasizing accountability, responsibility, and transparency - create a positive working environment for our team. Our Advisors agree to abide by these core covenants, while upholding our brand.

  •  Cooperating proactively with all brokers and agents and always placing my client’s interests above my own.

  •  Conducting all my business by holding my performance to the highest professional ethical standards.

  •  Showing respect and support to my clients and colleagues.

  •  Honoring my commitments.

  •  Personifying and upholding the our brand.

  •  Creating tangible benefits for my clients, colleagues, and community.

  •  Resolving conflicts quickly, positively, and effectively.

  •  Taking personal responsibility for achieving my own potential.

  •  Excelling in my market area and specialty within the firm.

  •  Focusing on the positive and the possible.

  •  Nurturing my career while valuing the importance of family, health, and our North Carolina & South Carolina community.

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