This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 02 July 2021

Date: 13 July, 2021 | By : 

June has now passed and the economic data seems a little mixed.  We added 850,00 jobs in June, but much of that was State governments school districts in some parts of the Country reopening just in time for summer break.  Subtract that and nonfarm employment increased 620,300, which was below consensus.  Both the labor force participation rate (61.6%) and the em

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 25 June 2021

Date: 26 June, 2021 | By : 

Well, here we are at the half-way point for 2021.  Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like it got here really quick this year.  Maybe it’s all the turbulence as the economy has whip-sawed back to life.  One week lumber was normal, then more expensive than a precious metal, then back again.  Supply chain bottlenecks continue to cause pain-in-th

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 11 June 2021

Date: 26 June, 2021 | By : 

Okay, so I’ve gotten about half a dozen calls since Wednesday asking if I saw the May CPI numbers that came out this week.  The answer is yes.  Pretty eye-popping…especially if you have the misfortune of being in the market for a new or used car.  Drive extra careful, because you don’t want to be that person right now!


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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 04 June 2021

Date: 08 June, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review Short on Supplies

 The CDC's relaxation of its mask mandate occurred mid-May, and as data for that month begins rolling in this week, it is evident there is no lack of demand. Supplies, on the other hand, are a worsening problem. Napoleon famously observed that an army marches on its stomach; in a similar vein, an economy can grow only as fast as i

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 28 May 2021

Date: 08 June, 2021 | By : 

U.S: Supply Chain Woes Tug at Growth and Send Prices Higher

This week's light calendar of economic reports showed supply chain disruptions tugging a little at economic growth. New home sales are being held back by record low inventories, as higher construction costs are slowing starts. While a slightly larger drop in consumer confidence and advance durable goods orders

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 21 May 2021

Date: 25 May, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review Housing Begins to Bump Up Against Supply Constraints

Over the past year, the housing market has become white-hot. Low mortgage rates and increased household space needs have propelled home sales, builder confidence and residential construction to highs not seen since the housing boom in the early 2000s. Like many other parts of the economy, however, robust

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 30 April 2021

Date: 18 May, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review U.S. Recovery Is Well on Its Way 

Data released this week showed the U.S. economy expanded at a rapid 6.4% annualized rate in the first quarter. The gain in output leaves the level of real GDP just a stone's throw below its pre-COVID Q4-2019 level (see chart). We project the level of output to eclipse its pre-COVID position in the second quarter an

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 23 April 2021

Date: 26 April, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review: Raising the Bar Even Further 

  • This week's lighter economic calendar allowed forecasters more time to assess the implications from the prior week's blowout retail sales report. We have revised our forecast for Q1 growth up to a 5.5% pace from 4.8% previously, and growth for the year is now pegged at 6.5%, up from 6.4%.  Read More

This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 16 April 2021

Date: 17 April, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review - More Evidence of Economic Recovery

Data released this week continue to show that the economic recovery has gained momentum in March. The much anticipated consumer boom has arrived. An influx of cash from the latest round of stimulus and warmer weather after harsh arctic temperatures across the country in February led to a blockbuster month for retailers i

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This Week's State Of The Economy - What Is Ahead? - 09 April 2021

Date: 10 April, 2021 | By : 

U.S. Review - Reopening Boom, while Supplies Last

This week's economic data kicked of with a bang. The ISM Services Index jumped more than eight points to 63.7, signaling the fastest pace of expansion in the index's 24-year history. The blowout report is just the latest data suggesting the full reopening boom is upon us. All 18 industries reported an increase in March,

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