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Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory Services

With our investment advisory services, TC Global Commercial is the link between the investor’s asset management group (Investors, Investment Research, or Portfolio Management) and the investment market. Serving Katy, TX & Sugar Land, TX, our role as investment advisors is to identify the needs and goals of our client’s asset management group (financial/investment) and then provide expert investment strategy solutions.

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Acquisition and Disposition

We guide clients through the acquisition and disposition of real property in every phase of the real estate cycle. We use the “Confidentiality Bubble”, a method of scrutinizing access to confidential information. We perform thorough analyses of target assets for our clients . We work to foster an environment of cooperation among all parties to facilitate successful acquisitions and dispositions.



TC Global Commercial advisors implement the integrative principles of the “Win/Win” negotiation philosophy. Experience in negotiation has taught us that the “fixed pie” mindset can be self-defeating. We believe that “expanding the pie” and considering the interests of all parties involved often creates cooperation in the course of negotiation. We consistently bring this attribute to the negotiation table and as a result we can confidently negotiate the best deals, regardless of size, for our clients.


Transaction Management

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex and often require a great deal of expertise and resource management. The ultimate goal for our advisors when managing a transaction is to improve service quality for our clients while improving the effectiveness of the transaction execution. Our experience has taught us to recognize precisely where a transaction could become delayed and this knowledge allows us to proactively circumvent issues before they ever become issues. We carefully oversee the flow of each client’s transaction and provide expert assistance each step of the way in addition to monitoring for unexpected changes in business or economic conditions. By doing so we help to ensure that our clients do not incur costly mistakes during the transaction process.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

TC Global Commercial advisors perform exhaustive analysis of the financial investment ratios to determine stability, liquidity and profitability. This helps us to ensure that an investment will be viable and consistent with each client’s objectives. This protocol allows us to provide investor clients with creative, clear, and oftentimes an alternative path to achieve their investment objectives.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

TC Global Commercial advisors objectively evaluate and analyze the potential of each proposed project. This uncovers the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed business strategy based on market conditions, environmental factors, and the resources that will be required to complete the project. Once the feasibility study is completed, it will include details such as the historical background of the project, description of the product to be produced or the service to be offered, accounting statements, details of operation and management, marketing research, financial data, legal requirements and tax obligations. This process, which involves detailed research and investigation, allows the client to have confidence in their investment decisions.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

By conducting a thorough analysis of relevant marketplace information, using economic base models of the target area employment data, to forecast economic trends in the region, TC Global Commercial is able to advise clients on the most profitable moves based on the surrounding market.

Site Selection

Site Selection

The TC Global Commercial site selection process includes a detailed evaluation of project needs which are then measured against the merits of potential locations. Using a comprehensive evaluation process, our formal site selection process is used to identify ideal locations for our clients, whether they are expanding their operations or relocating to a new location.


Due Diligence

The advisors at TC Global Commercial are committed to scrutinizing every detail behind the proverbial scene so that our clients can have the most accurate and current information. This affords our clients peace of mind and assurance that they are making well informed decisions free of costly errors. We practice careful "due diligence" when investigating the many factors and conditions that impact a client’s investment decision in commercial real estate properties. The same standard of care is utilized by our professional business partners who specialize in areas of practice such as environmental assessment, zoning issues, deed restrictions, and legal counsel. Due diligence can be a legal obligation but it is more commonly applied to voluntary investigations done by qualified professional partners.


Property Management

We manage our clients’ assets and investments with the highest level of care and efficiency to ensure our clients’ goals are met. Today many managers have to operate at two levels: strategic-tactical and operational. One important role of a "Property Manager" is to be a liaison between the ownership or asset manager and the actual tenant/lease. This provides a buffer for owners who desire to distance themselves from their tenant constituency. The TC Global Commercial property management team expertly manages each property our clients have invested in. The team works diligently to address tenant concerns in a timely and professional manner in addition to meticulously monitoring each property for any deficiencies that might impact the condition or useful life of the property. Identifying and correcting deficiencies as they arise ensures that the useful life of each property is maximized. Read More.


Asset Management

At TC Global Commercial we strive to maximize the property value of our clients’ investments so they can get a great return on their investment. We do so by reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources or revenue, and mitigating liability and risk. An entrepreneurial expertise is needed at times when managing assets. The tasks related to managing an asset can extend from negotiations to approvals and lease analysis. These require entrepreneurship which encompasses the ability to manage a venture while taking all risks under consideration and ultimately making profit. The managers who make the best entrepreneurial decisions with financial capital tend to be rewarded with higher profits and larger portfolios.

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